Worcester Hockey Alumni highlights, week 15

With the 15th week of NHL hockey over, we'll take a look back at some highlights over the last seven days from former Worcester hockey pros. Tuesday Keean Washkurak goal https://twitter.com/ThunderbirdsAHL/status/1483623808263147522 Friday Arnaud Durandeau goal https://twitter.com/AHLIslanders/status/1484715589616738304 Friday Patrick McNally goal https://twitter.com/ReadingRoyals/status/1484710179048460288 Friday Mitch Gillam save https://twitter.com/IndyFuel/status/1484707567217659904 Friday Brian Bowen goal https://twitter.com/UtahGrizzlies/status/1484731953911721988 Saturday Arnaud Durandeau goal... Continue Reading →

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