The “210 Awards” for the Worcester Bravehearts 2015 season

When I covered AHL hockey here in Worcester I had an end of season posting where I named my award winners, and called those awards the “210 Awards” after the moniker I use on several sports message boards. Generally those awards were a mix of serious awards and a few humorous ones I’d add poking fun at some of the odd or “not so positive” happenings over the past season. Because these are college kids just about everything I’ve blogged over this summer has been pointing out the positive things the players have done while kind of skipping over the failures, I’m thinking we’ll just announce some serious awards for now.

We’ll start with the official awards, and I’m not sure the Bravehearts have team awards as I’ve never seen a press release nor heard a mention of them. The Future’s League does have several and a couple of Worcester players took home some hardware. Ian Strom won two awards, the “Futures Collegiate Baseball League of New England Defensive Player of the Year” and “Top Pro Prospect”. T.J. Riccio was named the “Adam Keenan Memorial Sportsmanship and Scholarship Award” winner. More information about that award can be found on the FCBL website.

Five Worcester players were named to the FCBL 2015 All-Futures League Team, with first baseman Zack Tower, outfielder Ian Strom, and pitchers Dylan Collett, Mike Bruemmel, and Logan Fullmer all making the first team list. Worcester didn’t place anyone on the second team list. The entire team listing is on the FCBL site. You’ll notice at one point Worcester is misspelled in the press release as “Worcestor”. No respect for the champs.

Now we’ll move on to the “210 Awards”. For the record, this is just one man’s opinion. If you think I got one wrong, feel free to leave a comment below.

Best Freshman
Given to the best player starting college baseball this fall the award goes to pitcher Jacob Stevens, who will be entering Boston College in a couple of weeks. Stevens was 2-2 on the season, but in both losses he pitched well and didn’t get much help from his batters. Stevens was taken by the Philadelphia Phillies in round 33 of the 2015 MLB draft.

Best Sophomore
Given to the player with one year played in college baseball, this award goes to pitcher Clayton Dostal. Soon entering his second season at Galveston College Dostal closed out the 2015 FCBL season on a personal four game winning streak, and struck out 43 batters in 53.1 innings.

Best Junior
Given to the player with two years played in college baseball, Ian Strom is the winner over a field of really great candidates. Entering his third year at UMass-Lowell Strom has a great bat, plays great defense, and shows a great attitude. Can’t ask for much more.

Best Senior
Given to the player with three years played in college baseball and as such won’t be eligible for the FCBL next summer, the winner is pitcher Logan Fullmer. Entering his final year at the University of Maine Fullmer was the late inning go-to guy during the Bravehearts August run into and through the playoffs. He had a 1.86 ERA over 38.2 innings while striking out 50 batters.

Best Pitcher
Choosing a best pitcher was a lot harder than I though it would be, with the two leading candidates having nearly identical seasons. Based solely on a slightly lower WHIP Dylan Collett wins the award here.

Best Hitter
Easy choice here as Ian Strom led Worcester in batting average, hits, and OBP. Had he played a full season he probably would have run away with a few other categories too.

Best Power Hitter
Another easy choice as Zack Tower led the Bravehearts in home runs, RBI, doubles, slugging, and OPS.

Pitcher of the Year
Mike Bruemmel for being named 210Sports’ Bravehearts pitcher of the week most often.

Batter of the Year
Zack Tower for being named 210Sports’ Bravehearts batter of the week most often.

Most Valuable Player
If you follow me on twitter you probably already know the winner is Ian Strom. In the regular season and playoffs the Bravehearts record with Strom in the lineup was 24-18. Without him it was 6-13. Doesn’t get any clearer than that.


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