The “210 Awards” for the Worcester Bravehearts 2016 season

When I covered AHL hockey here in Worcester I had an end of season posting where I named my award winners, and called those awards the “210 Awards” after the moniker I use on several sports message boards. Generally those awards were a mix of serious awards and a few humorous ones I’d add poking fun at some of the odd or “not so positive” happenings over the past season.

Unlike the hockey team I don’t spend a lot of time around Bravehearts players, so coming up with humorous awards isn’t really possible. So we’ll stick to just the serious ones.

The Futures Collegiate Baseball League’s 2016 All-Futures League Team hasn’t been announced yet, and should any Bravehearts be members on it this post will be edited later to include them. Of the post season awards the FCBL has handed out so far no Worcester player has won one.

As always, the “210 Awards” are just one man’s opinion. If you think I got one wrong, feel free to leave a comment below. Also, I generally like to limit the number of categories a player can win to two. Take that into account when deciding if my picks are wrong.

Best Freshman
Given to the best player starting college baseball this fall, the award goes to Ryan Ward (Bryant). Ward led the Bravehearts in batting average (.375) and OBP (.453), was third on the team in hits (42), fourth in OPS (.891), and was the hardest Worcester player to strikeout. Not bad for someone that hasn’t played an inning yet at the NCAA level.

Best Sophomore
Given to the player with one year played in college baseball, this award goes to Peter Bovenzi (Richmond). The Bravehearts had a great crop of sophomore players, and it took setting a couple records for Bovenzi to come out on top. His six saves shattered the previous single season record, and sets a new career mark. He also tied for the most appearances on the pitching staff (14).

Best Junior
Given to the player with two years played in college baseball, John Friday (Franklin Pierce) wins over another outstanding group. Friday tied for second in runs (29) and triples (3), lead the squad in hits (50), was second in doubles (9) and runs created (25.43), and was top five in batting average (.281) and RBI (21).

Best Senior
Given to the player with three years played in college baseball and as such won’t be eligible for the FCBL next summer, the winner is Greg Stagani (West Liberty). His name is all over the Braveheart’s career record book, and this season set the franchise single season mark in strikeouts (51). In 45 innings pitched Stagani walked just 5 batters, and his WHIP and percentage of pitches that were strikes were the best of any Worcester starter.

Best Pitcher
In an incredibly hard category to judge this year, Brady Furdon (Wheaton College) gets the nod here for his record setting six wins this season. There are other very deserving candidates for this, and you could make a great case for any of them. I’m going with Furdon, and I’m hoping that he returns next season to prove I’m right while also hoping some of the others return to show me why I’m wrong.

Best Hitter
Mike Coggeshall (Assumption), owner of the Bravehearts record 20 game hitting streak, gets this one. Coggeshall reached base safely in 29 of 32 games played, and despite missing the last handful of games with an injury led the Bravehearts in doubles (11). His .903 OPS was highest for players with more than 30 plate appearances.

Best Power Hitter
For the second year in a row it’s Zack Tower (Franklin Pierce) winning this award. Tower lead the team in home runs (7), RBI (28), and led all the “everyday” players in slugging (.517). He was also third in OPS (.892).

Best Single Game Performance
A new category for this season, the inaugural award goes to Rafael Bournigal (Belmont) for hitting for the franchise’s first cycle on July 9th vs Wachusett.

Pitcher of the Year
Frankie Moscatiello (Saint Thomas Aquinas) for being named 210Sports’ Bravehearts pitcher of the week most often, winning it four times.

Batter of the Year
Usually given to the player named 210Sports’ Bravehearts batter of the week most often over the season, in 11 weeks of play we had 11 different winners. By virtue of a tie-breaking vote Mike Coggeshall gets the nod here.

Most Valuable Player
Unlike last season where the winner was an easy choice this season there were a whole lot of candidates. One stat kept popping to the top: including the playoffs Worcester won nine of the 10 games Frankie Moscatiello pitched in, and in the one loss the Bravehearts were leading when Moscatiello was lifted. That’s a great stat, and it wins Moscatiello this season’s MVP award.


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