The “210 Awards” for the Worcester Bravehearts 2017 season


As we’ve reached the end of the 2017 season for the Worcester Bravehearts it’s time to hand out some awards. Named for the moniker this blogger uses on several sports message boards, the “210 Awards” officially began in 2009 when the Worcester Sharks were in town. Starting in the 2015 season the award posting was begun for the Bravehearts.

Generally those awards were a mix of serious awards and a few humorous ones I’d add poking fun at some of the odd or “not so positive” happenings over the past season. Unlike the hockey teams, I don’t spend a lot of time around Bravehearts players so coming up with humorous awards isn’t really possible. So we’ll stick to just the serious ones.

We’ll first take a look at some of the official awards and accomplishments of the Bravehearts, starting with Cody Laweryson winning the “Futures League Relief Pitcher of the Year”. Laweryson was also named FCBL “Pitcher of the Month” for July and “Pitcher of the Week” for week ending July 30th.

Another Bravehearts player winning a monthly FCBL award was Joe Caico, who won “Player of the Month” for June.

Six different Worcester players won the FCBL “Player of the Night” mentions, with Trevor Jensen winning it three times. Caico and Brett Coffel were named twice each, and Greg Kocinski, Trevor Johnson, and Nick Santucci each earning it once.

There were also six Bravehearts that won the FCBL “Pitcher of the night”, with Brian Auerbach, Billy DeVito, and Laweryson all getting the nod twice. Matt Geoffrion, Sean Mellen, and Justin Willis all got one mention.

Several players from Worcester played in the All-Star game at Muzzy Field in Bristol, Connecticut. The list includes Auerbach, Caico, DeVito, Kevin Doody, Johnson, Kocinski, Lawyerson, and Frank Moscatiello.

Three Bravehearts played in an exhibition game against Team USA’s Collegiate National Team: Caico, DeVito, and Moscatiello.

The Futures Collegiate Baseball League’s 2017 All-Futures League Team hasn’t been announced yet.

As always, the following “210 Awards” are just one man’s opinion. If you think I got one wrong, feel free to leave a comment below. Also, I generally like to limit the number of categories a player can win to spread the mentions around a bit. Take that into account when deciding if my picks are wrong.

Best Freshman
Given to the best player starting college baseball this fall, pitcher Justin Willis is the winner. His three wins were second on the team, including earning the victory in the must win last regular season for the Bravehearts.

Best Sophomore
Given to the player with one year played in college baseball, infielder turned outfielder Kevin Doody gets the nod. Doody set the Worcester single season batting average mark of .353, and led the team with 23 stolen bases.

Best Junior
Given to the player with two years played in college baseball, Billy DeVito is this year’s choice. His 50 strikeouts was third on the team, his 2.64 ERA was the lowest among the starters, and his five quality starts led the team.

Best Senior
Given to the player with three years played in college baseball, Frankie Moscatiello is the winner. Last season’s MVP became the closer due to his high pitch counts during the his NCAA season, and Moscatiello went on to set the team single season and career mark in saves.

Best Pitcher
It will come as no shock to Bravehearts fans that Cody Laweryson wins this award. He led the team in wins at five and his 62 strikeouts this season was second on the team. He also had two saves, and his 1.04 WHIP was the lowest of any pitcher with more than four innings pitched.

Best Hitter
Greg Kocinski gets the award for setting franchise single season marks in hits (63), doubles (17), RBI (40), and Total Bases (107). He also tied for the team lead in home runs (9), and led the team in Slugging (.563).

Best Power Hitter
In what seems to be a redundant category this season, Greg Kocinski also wins this award for the same reasons he won “Best Hitter”.

Best Single Game Performance
Kevin Doody‘s 5-6 night with three runs scored at Nashua on August 4th is this year’s winner.

Pitcher of the Year
Cody Laweryson for being named “210Sports’ Bravehearts Pitcher of the Week” most often, winning it four times.

Batter of the Year
Greg Kocinski for being named “210Sports’ Bravehearts Batter of the Week” most often, winning it three times.

Most Valuable Player
In a race that isn’t very close at all Greg Kocinski is this blogger’s choice for Worcester Bravehearts MVP.

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