Railers game notes: Worcester 4, Reading 2, 11/3/17

RailersHC (500 x 427)

Great win last night for Railers against their ECHL North Division rivals the Reading Royals. Just a few thoughts that didn’t make my “This Week in Worcester” story.

Not that many of us doubted it, but head coach Jamie Russell really wasn’t kidding when he said he was in this to win it. If you didn’t believe it when Russell cut goaltender Joe Fallon, the first player ever signed by the Railers, you should fully understand it now after last night when he scratched the next two players he signed, Barry Almeida and T.J. Syner.

Russell has shown he’s going to put his best line-up on the ice every night, and while I doubt it will often be the 11 forward, five defenseman combo he used last night against Reading it will definitely be the one he decides and won’t be stuck with an NHL affiliate telling him to play the dead wood.


After three games with the new LED lights at the DCU Center it’s hard to imagine how teams managed to play under the old lights. Before the LED lighting was put in Sandy Dunn, General Manager of the DCU Center, said of the upgrade that the difference would be “like night and day.”

Turns out she wasn’t exaggerating at all. Gone are yellowish tints the seating bowl had and the dark corners of the rink area, and in its place are bright white lights that illuminate the entire bowl uniformly. The best part is they are instant on/off, so no waiting for the light to get back to full brightness when they’re turned down for a ceremony.

Actually, that’s the second best part. The actual best part is the substantial cost savings will eventually make that upgrade essentially free.


I’m not covering today’s game for This Week In Worcester, but will be back at it for Sunday. So until then…


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