Worcester Bravehearts section on 210Sports up and running

Just another quick posting to announce the second phase of additions to 210Sports has gone live with the Worcester Bravehearts’ section link going active on our main page. Unlike the “Worcester Hockey History” section everything on the Bravehearts main page should be working.

There are a few edits that need to be made, and in a couple days I’ll start getting to those. The first change will be the way links work on the site. Right now they open a new tab or window based on your browser setting. I didn’t realize how much if a pain in the behind that was until this past Saturday when I showed Peterman a preview at the Sidewalk Sale at Worcester Ice. So that really needs to be changed.

Secondly, like I mentioned in the hockey update I don’t like the way the stats show up on the pages. Currently, that’s the largest font size I can use to get all those columns to show on the page, and that was even after removing a few things like sacrifice flies and plate appearances. I’ll be working on that at some point too.

Feel free to drop me a line if you run into something that doesn’t work right, if you see an error, or if you want to see something specific added.


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