Some thoughts on the Railers suspending operations due to COVID-19

As a longtime Worcester hockey fan, I wanted to say a few things.

First off, my thoughts go out to all the Worcester Railers employees who are seeing their world come crashing down around them today. Some of those folks are likely to not be employed by the team in the next few days, so remember that while we’re losing out on entertainment they’re losing their livelihood. Sure, maybe some will be rehired as time goes by, but some won’t be. So as much as you think no games sucks for us fans, think about it from their point of view for a few minutes.

Secondly, lots of us old-timers have gone through seasons of no hockey in Worcester. Those were all different in that we didn’t know when hockey would come back. In this case, we know the Railers plan to play in 2021-22. So as fans we can relax a bit knowing that this is just a temporary thing. And that’s a huge step up from the other times.

I want to mention that I have full confidence in Cliff, Myzie, and the rest of the Railers front office. I don’t know Stephanie at all, but I do know Cliff and Mike wouldn’t have brought her on board if she wasn’t the same kind of person that they are. I know, without asking, that they did everything they could to get this team on the ice this season, and I know that they will do everything they can to have things ready to go in October 2021.

I also know that the organization will continue to do right by the fans. While the Railers are a business they have always supported their fans with the same vigor as the fans have supported them, and I do not expect that to change. Will things be exactly the same come next October? Probably not. But you can bet any changes the Railers make will be well thought out.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the Worcester Railers Booster Club still plans on supporting the Friendly House this Christmas with a toy drive. I don’t usually use this space to advertise what the Booster Club is doing, but their holiday support of the Friendly House is longstanding and likely needed more than ever this year. I’ll pass along info as it becomes available.

I’m getting a few folks together early next week for a special edition of the “Nothing But Shenanigans” podcast where we’ll talk about the Railers, the current situation, and how we can all work together in the future. I’ll be reaching out to the Railers to see if they want to join in.

So until then…


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