Former central Massachusetts college hockey players in the pros

I was asked early this morning if I had a list of former college hockey players who had played for a central Massachusetts school and were now playing at the pro level. As amazing as it sounds, I didn’t, so I spent some time putting one together. And since I bothered to put a list together, I figured I’d share it here on 210Sports.

This list is accurate as of this morning (April 2, 2021), and I’m fairly certain this is all the current players. Becker College, Assumption University, Fitchburg State University, and Worcester State University do not appear to have any former players currently in the pro game. I don’t think any other colleges would qualify as “central Massachusetts” that have hockey teams.

Holy Cross
Jake Bolton – Bodens HF (HockeyEttan)
Johnny Coughlin – Rapid City Rush (ECHL)
Peter Crinella – Wichita Thunder (ECHL)
Matt Ginn – Kansas City Mavericks (ECHL)
Scott Pooley – Toronto Marlies (AHL)
Maeve Reilly – Connecticut Whale (NWHL)
Dalton Skelly – Knoxville Ice Bears (SPHL)

Anna Maria
David Pfostl – Meran/Merano (Italy2)

Fitchburg State
Ryan Murphy – Sollentuna HC (HockeyEttan)
Josh Victor – Macon Mayhem (SPHL)

Nichols College
David Chevrier – Chambery (France2)
Vincent Crivello – Chambery (France2)
Scott Cuthrell – Knoxville Ice Bears (SPHL)
Nicholas Mangone – Columbus River Dragons (FPHL)

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