WooSox pummeled by Columbus in 5-1 series loss

The Worcester Red Sox returned to Polar Park last week for a week-long series against the Columbus Clippers (Cleveland) and were blown out of five of the six games. Their 6-8 record puts them tied for seventh in the International League’s East Division.

Columbus 10, WooSox 3
LP: Joe Jacques (0-1)
Key Plays for Worcester:
1st inning David Hamilton solo homer
7th inning Enmanuel Valdez two-run single
WooSox Highlights:

What went wrong: The bullpen couldn’t get anyone out in the last two innings.

Columbus 10, WooSox 5
LP: Bryan Mata (0-1)
Key Plays for Worcester:
2nd inning Nick Sogard RBI double
3rd inning David Hamilton solo home run
6th inning Enmanuel Valdez RBI double
WooSox Highlights:

What went wrong: WooSox gave up too many crooked number innings. Can’t win doing that.

Columbus 16, WooSox 1
LP: Chris Murphy (0-1)
Key Plays for Worcester:
WooSox Highlights:
What went wrong: Murphy gave up 8 runs and only got three batters out. The rest doesn’t matter.

Columbus 8, WooSox 1
LP: James Paxton (0-1)
Key Plays for Worcester:
1st inning Niko Goodrum RBI single
WooSox Highlights:

What went wrong: Keep allowing too many crooked number innings

WooSox 6, Columbus 5
WP: Andrew Politi (1-0)
Key Plays for Worcester:
4th inning Enmanuel Valdez solo home run
6th inning Valdez RBI double
9th inning Jarren Duran solo homer
9th inning Valdez walk-off RBI single
WooSox Highlights:

Columbus 10, WooSox 1
LP: Norwith Gudiño (1-2)
Key Plays for Worcester:
WooSox Highlights:
What went wrong: The WooSox pitching isn’t very good.

210Sports’ WooSox of the week
Batter: David Hamilton 8-24, 2 2B, 2 HR, 2 RBI, 5 R
Pitcher: Brayan Bello 6 IP, 4 K

Last week’s transactions
*Monday, April 10: Boston recalled Bobby Dalbec from Worcester.
*Tuesday, April 11: Boston optioned Kutter Crawford to Worcester and placed Brayan Bello in Worcester on a rehab assignment. Worcester activated Wilyer Abreu and Taylor Broadway from the 7-day injured list, placed Jake Thompson on the development list, and released Durbin Feltman.
*Thursday, April 13: Boston recalled Kutter Crawford from Worcester. Worcester activated Jake Thompson from the development list.
*Sunday, April 16: Boston selected Jake Faria from Worcester, and claimed Brennan Bernardino from Seattle and optioned him to Worcester.

This week’s schedule
at Lehigh Valley (Philadelphia)
Tuesday: 6:45pm
Wednesday: 6:45pm
Thursday: 6:45pm
Friday: 7pm
Saturday: 6:30pm
Sunday: 1:30pm

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