The 2022-2023 Worcester Railers “210 Awards”, part two?

In all the years of doing the 210 Awards I never once thought of making a second post. But it was brought to my attention that I forgot one, and then I noticed I missed another, and things kind of got out of hand from there. So here, for the first time ever, is part two of the 210 Awards.

The “Shameless Plug Award” – You can find the “real” 210 Awards post right here: The “210 Awards” for the Worcester Railers 2022-2023 season.

The “Bobbsey Twins Award” – To head coach Jordan Smotherman and assistant Jimmy Sharrow for dressing identically for many, if not every, game this season.

The “Two-Fisted Award” – To Keith Nichols for having a beer in each hand pretty much every game at the DCU Center.

The “Hold My Beer Award” – To Railers President Stephanie Ramey, who upon hearing of the challenge of walking down and then up the steep steps of Cool Insuring Arena in Glens Falls that many newbies attempt during Railers visits there, said to this writer “hold my beer”, and then successfully took the challenge. The speed at which she did it was very impressive. It also led to…

The “Did I Just Kill The Railers President Award” – To this writer, who could not believe how fast Stephanie went down those steep stairs as I suddenly got worried she was going to go arse over tea kettle. She didn’t, and if there is a record of how fast it’s been done she probably broke it.

The “Steve Kando Award” – To Railers Ticket Account Executive Paul O’Leary. Seriously Steve, how can you not win the award named after you?

The “You Owe Us A Christmas Story Award” – To Railers assistant head coach Jimmy Sharrow, who came up with some excuse to not have to tell a Christmas story as rookies are asked to do. Seeing as he really was a rookie assistant coach, he owes us a story, and we will collect the next Holiday party.

The “Ride ’em Cowboy Award”Henrik Tikkanen, who after being crashed into by Adirondack’s Ryan Smith then sat atop of him like he was riding a horse. You could see Tikkanen and Smith, along with linesman Sam Schildkraut, clearly laughing at the encounter.

The “Buffet King Award”Bill Ballou, who after finding out there was no press meal in Maine on New Year’s Day, didn’t waste a second getting in line when the Boosters invited him to join them in the party box.

The “It’s Not About You Award” – Former Telegram reporter Joe McDonald, who could never figure out our anger wasn’t about him, it was about the Telegram.

The “David Gwozdz Award” – To David Gwozdz, for a decent mix of new merchandise this season to go along with some old favorites. (See how easy it is to win an award named for you Steve?)

The “Martin Brodeur Award” – To New York Islanders general manager Lou Lamoriello, who has never won a thing in pro hockey without Brodeur as his goaltender.

The “Taylor Doherty Award” – To Connor McCarthy, whose career is looking like it will mimic the former WorSharks’ defenseman, only at a league level lower than Doherty’s.

The “Pizza Lady Award” – To Railers Booster Club vice-president Jess Curtin, for organizing a ton of gatherings this season, many of which included a Saturday night pizza party.

The “What Else Can Go Wrong in Norfolk Award” – To everyone, because seriously, what else can go wrong in Norfolk?

The “Buzz Award” – To Railers Booster Club President Rich Lundin, for, well, he knows.

The “Perhaps It’s Time To Stop Award” – To the Railers Social Media person who keeps using the #AllAboutTheW hashtag despite there not being enough Ws to make the playoffs.

The “Connor Made Me Do It Award” – To this writer, only it’s really for Steve.

The “Turkey Hat Award” – The only question is which Liam Coughlin wants less: this award or that turkey hat.

And last, but certainly not least

The “Shoutout Award” – To all the Booster Club volunteers who took part in helping to support the team and the club’s charity efforts this season. From the 50/50 volunteers to those that do door handouts to the many that helped with player housing, and everything else in between, the club couldn’t do what it does without you. Thank you.

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