Railers game notes: Worcester 2, Manchester 0, 10/21/17

RailersHC (500 x 427)

Not as many notes as last week, but some additions to my “This Week in Worcester” posting…

It’s way too early to be throwing stones, but the Worcester Railers drew 12,135 for their franchise opener and in Manchester they had a woeful 3,019 for their home opener. Now I know the crowd at the DCU got a bump by it being the franchise’s first game ever, but more than four times what the Monarchs got?


The good news is that 3,019 looked completely accurate and not some incredibly bloated number, which would have made things even worse. Both Railers Booster Club President Rich Lundin and I guessed there was around 3,000 there and we both thought they’d claim 6,000. So we were half right.

We learned last night that old friend Jason Jones no longer works for the Monarchs. There were no details available as to what happened.

I didn’t mention this on TWIW, mostly because I couldn’t figure a way to write it that made any sense, but Railers goaltender Mitch Gillam was wearing red hockey pants instead of the blue ones the rest of the team was wearing. Just seemed odd…

And is it just me or has there been a lot fewer broken sticks lately? I remember in the WorSharks years there being four or five a game between both teams, but in the two games between the Railers and Monarchs I think I saw two. Might bear some watching. Maybe not.

On to the play on the ice. Once again I really liked what I saw from the Railers. They’re playing sound, fundamental hockey and playing it at a very quick pace. Their transition game from offense to defense, and vice versa, is very good.

The attacking style the Railers are playing is a nice change of pace from the methodical, one zone approach the WorSharks seemed to favor. In both their games the Railers had one goal leads as the third period wound down, and each time head coach Jamie Russell continued to attack Manchester as opposed to pulling back and playing a defensive style.

The Railers now head out west, playing Colorado Wednesday night. Good friend Dylan Schofield of WooHockey is covering the game for TWIW so no notes column for me. I’ll be covering the two games at Utah Friday and Saturday night, so there will be at least one notes column over the weekend.

So until then…


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