Thursday Thoughts: When is a week off not really a week off?

Once again it’s Thursday, so that means another Thursday Thoughts. Everyone around these parts is talking about Tuesday’s Worcester Red Sox opener, and rightfully so. James Taylor and his son Henry sung the national anthem, NBA Hall of Famer and Holy Cross legend Bob Cousy announced the traditional “Play Ball!”, and a host of dignitaries threw out the first pitch, which included Governor Charlie Baker, City Manager Edward Augustus Jr., Mayor Joseph Petty, Pedro Martinez, Jim Rice, and a few others. Then there was the game, where the WooSox won 8-5. By all accounts, it was an incredible day.

And I didn’t see one minute of it.

The pre-COVID plan was for my wife and me to attend. We’d already been promised tickets to Polar Park’s opener, and while I’m sure they wouldn’t have been the best seats we gladly would have gone to witness such a major event in the city’s history. But things didn’t work out.

The date was moved, the park capacity was limited, and the promise eventually turned into an apology. And I was OK with all of it. On the long list of people who should be at the ballpark that day I’m pretty far down, and to be honest I’m not sure why I was included anyway. I didn’t have a single thing to do with any of that, and I don’t really know anyone close to the project.

Once the new opening date was set I knew there wasn’t going to be any way I was going to the game, even though a couple of friends had extra tickets and offered them to me. The move to Tuesday put the opener to my 25th wedding anniversary, and as much as my wife loves me spending that day at a ballpark wasn’t on her list of ways to celebrate considering our original plan was to be in Ireland this week. So we decided a few weeks ago to just spend the day together, not really doing anything exciting except just enjoying each other’s company like we’ve done the past 25 years.

And that’s another thing I’m OK with.

Boston Teams This Week
(Playoff schedules will be added when released)
Oakland @ RED SOX, 7pm
LA Angels @ RED SOX, 7pm
LA Angels @ RED SOX, 4pm
BRUINS @ Washington, 7:15pm
CELTICS @ Minnesota, TBA
LA Angels @ RED SOX, 1pm
REVOLUTION @ Columbus, 6pm
BRUINS @ Washington, 7:30pm
RED SOX @ Toronto, 7:30pmn
Washington @ Bruins, 6:30pm
RED SOX @ Toronto, 7:30pmn

Worcester Hockey Alumni Highlights
Thursday Lane Scheidl goal

Friday Joe Pavelski two goals (in the same video)

Saturday Nick Saracino goal

Saturday Michael Pelech goal

Sunday Nick Saracino two goals

Monday Joe Pavelski goal

Tuesday Lane Scheidl two goals (no audio)

Tuesday Evan Buitenhuis save

Wednesday Willie Raskob goal

Wednesday Nic Pierog two goals

Wednesday Lane Scheidl two goals

Wednesday Vincent Arseneau goal

Taking a week off
With my anniversary this past week, and a few other things in the real world taking up my time, there’s nothing new here this week. Hopefully, everything will be back to normal next week.

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Not so big finish
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